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The Village School provides a close, loving, and nurturing environment which enhances the growth potential of each individual child. The physical facilities allow for art activities, sand and water play, large and small muscle development, a quiet area and a housekeeping area. Activities center around story time, indoor and outdoor play, nature walks, field trips, cooking, painting, puzzles, science, music, gardening, and special events throughout the year. We recently added our "Literacy Through the Arts" program which the children love!! Children are brought outside everyday, weather permitting. We have big wheels for every child to ride on our large macadum area which helps to develop large motor skills and coordination. The Village School playground also houses a combination swing set/play gym, sandbox and learning gardens for planting and weeding. These activities are coordinated into a well rounded program to provide the children with the opportunity for creative expression and growth at his or her individual pace.

3 Year Old Program
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9:00-11:30AM

  • Children rotate being leader for the day (bring in healthy snack, show and tell, weather and line leader).

  • Children can be toilet trained or in the process of toilet training.

  • Sharing, manners, and taking turns are always stressed daily.

  • Having times during our day to work together, as a class, allows us more time for fun and teaches cooperation.

  • We provide unique fieldtrips including Pool Wildlife Sanctuary,  Savidge Farms Pumpkin Patch, Rita's Italian Ice and a special visit from the Firehouse. 

  • Colors and shapes are explored further and practiced through games and crafts.

  • The letters of the alphabet, their sounds and recognition of the letters and their sounds are introduced along with introduction to printing their first names.

  • Telling stories is a daily occurrence through the use of books, puppets, puppet shows and feltboards.

  • Large motor activities are built into our daily routine rain or shine. These activities could include bikes, hula hoops, running games, dancing, parachute, swings and playground equipment.




2 Year Old Program
  • Mondays 9:30am to 11:30am      (In January, 9:00am-11:30am- class time is lengthened)

  • Children can be toilet trained or in the process of toilet training.

  • Our teaching focuses on building relationships and social skills through simple play, pretend play, music, art and language development.

  • Getting along with each other by sharing, taking turns and being polite is practiced and positive reinforcement is given.  

  • Art and sensory play are a big part of every day.  Our art projects help the child with fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and a type of learning that can only come from hands on (and at times very messy) work. 

  • Colors and shapes are introduced. Every month features a color, shape and theme.

  • Written name recognition is also developed at this age.

4 Year Old (Pre K) Program
  •  Mon-Thurs 12:30-3:00PM

  • Children take turns being the leader for the day (line leader, calendar, show and tell, snack)

  • The Pre-Kindergarten program uses a themed-based approach to expand language, math, science, social, emotional and physical skills.  The themes usually change every month with mini concepts discussed each week. 

  • Themes are introduced by reading stories, singing songs, finger plays, puppet shows, poems, art (a mix between open ended and crafts), activity papers (math, language, and printing), small games, science experiments, and outside play.

  • Learning social skills, controlling impulses, cooperative play, and language development is ongoing and remains an important part of our program.

  • The alphabet is further explored: Each letter is introduced so that the child can recognize the letter and learn the sound of each letter. Printing strokes for each letter is taught and printing of the letters is encouraged. Printing of name and name recognition is taught along with address and birthdate.

  • Numbers, number recognition, counting and simple math skills are introduced and knowledge of shapes is expanded.

  • Calendar including months of the year and days of the week are introduced and reviewed during circle tme.

  • Fieldtrips to Savidge Farms, Emmaus Fire House, Old Zionsville Post Office and Wildlands Conservancy are all part of our year.

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