Owner and dance instructor, Lillian Freeman, shares with the children her passion and love for dance. Her energy and enthusiasm fills the room as she engages the children in creative and expressive dance moves. At Allegro Dance Studios LLC, their philosophy is to offer your children a positive and exciting learning environment where all students can have fun, be creative, and experience the arts. At Village School, we are delighted to have Lilly visit with our young students as she guides them into the "magical art form of dance" often using fun props like a giant teapot, an adorable puppet or dolls. Everyone has fun!!

Dave Fry is a Lehigh Valley musical icon. He has had a long career as a musician and children’s performer and has won many Lehigh Valley Music Awards including Best Children’s Performer for 2016. While singing silly songs and encouraging audience participation, he keeps children engaged as they learn. Dave has experience working with preschool children through the Bethlehem-based program PASELA (Promoting and Supporting Early Literacy through the Arts). When Dave visits the Village School, he draws a crowd. Dave engages the children immediately with his infectious personality, use of funny words and upbeat rhythm. Even the most bashful child will dance and sing to the lively music and rythm.

Angela Faidley, owner of Out Of Our Minds Art Studio, has been involved with the arts since she was young and she readily admits that "Art is her life!". When Angela visits the Village School Preschool, the children listen to a story and then have the opportunity to respond to the story through painting. Using colorful acrylic paints, the children are able to create their own art expression on canvas. Angela expertly leads the children through this art experience while opening up their world to imagination. It is a calming exercise for the girls and boys and they are always amazed and proud of their creations.

Yoga- Brittney Billman

Brittany, with her sweet nature and easy personality, began her program by introducing breathing techniques which brought a sense of calm to our very energetic 4 and 5 year olds. The children were then led through a series of moves and poses with "funny" names like cat pose, dog pose, mountain pose, and tree pose to name a few. Linking arms while in a circle encouraged our preschoolers to lend support to one another while attempting to stay balanced. For an amazing 45 mins our young students remained engaged in the activity. It was an awesome experience for all!

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